Tips For Long Distance Moving With Toddlers

Anybody who tells you that a long distance move with toddlers does not require any special preparation has absolutely no experience in relocating with toddlers. It’s stressful to move your house, and when you add toddlers to this mix, it can be a disaster if you’re not prepared. Everybody loves routine and toddlers are no exception which means disrupting the routine can be tough for toddlers. So, you need to be prepared as toddlers may act out as a way to cope up with the changes happening around them. Here are a few useful tips from Childrens Magic Movers to help you plan your long distance move with toddlers.

When you start packing things, you may want to throw everything you don’t need on the ground, but that’s not the way to do things when toddlers are involved. Make sure your toddlers do not get access to medicines or other harmful things when you are clearing out your cupboards or your medicine cabinet. In case you need to take these things with them, you need to pack them in a separate box and label it carefully to make sure that your kids do not get access to that box.

Cleaning supplies are other potential safety hazards for your kids. So, make sure you haven’t left any cleaning supplies on the floor or on the counter where your toddler can easily reach them. It’s a good idea to invest in a cleaning caddy to keep cleaning supplies away from your kids.

For a toddler, dozens of boxes lying around offers an exciting new playground. It doesn’t matter what you do; your toddler is going to try to climb onto the boxes. So, make sure the boxes are stacked against a wall and are placed in a manner to avoid the risk of collapse. Make sure the ladder is folded down when not in use to prevent a potential disaster. In simple terms, you need to be prepared and childproof your move to keep them out of harm’s way.

The most important thing you need to consider is the psychological impact a move may have on your toddler. As mentioned above, the routine is important for toddlers and a move may seem like a loss of home to them.

Experts recommend talking to your children about moving, as early as possible. Keep in mind that moving is stressful, but if you tell your toddler about moving only at the last moment, it will make things even more stressful for them. So, you need to tell them ahead of time to allow them to be prepared mentally.

It is vital that you talk to them how things will remain same in the new home and their routine won’t change. Tell them that they can take all their toys, furniture and other such stuff with them. Make them part of the process by offering them some real choices. For instance, you can ask them to pick out their outfit for the day and other such things. You can also talk to them about the wonderful things that are going to happen in the new community. This may get them excited about the move.

It’s also crucial that you maintain your routine before, during as well as after the move as toddlers may get fearful and anxious if they are unable to continue their day-to-day activities. So, try to establish the routine in your new home at the earliest. You also need to be patient. When you’re packing things, make sure that you pack up their stuff at the end. This will allow them to have a familiar place as things change around them while you pack things in the house.

Overall, things are going to be stressful before, during and after the move but you need to be patient and prepared. Don’t try to cram everything into one day, if it’s not necessary. Take your time and plan your move. It will make life easy for you and your toddler.